Student Counselling Program

Student Counselling Program has been initiated by the counselling cell of the institute, Headed by the Director, Prof Animesh Biswas. This program deals with the important aspects of a student’s life by addressing Academic, Financial, Mental and Social issues, ensuring a seamless transition from home to hostel for the freshmen and making life at NITR more enjoyable. It includes 4 faculties, including the Professor In Charge (PIC), Prof. K.C. Pati and 14 coordinators. Each coordinator supervises eight mentors who in turn are in direct contact with six mentees. Experienced mentors interact with the newbies to bridge the Junior-Senior gap and providing personal as well as professional support.

Academic Counselling

This section helps the students who find difficulty in grasping the concepts being taught in the class. We aim to reduce the number of students getting backlogs/Yearback/Institute-out by providing remedial classes to them.

Emotional Counselling

Many students suffer through emotional pain such as ragging, some loss, grief, anger, homesickness etc. but they try to suppress their feeling & avoid talking about it, that in long run affects the behaviour. Thus we have appointed Psychiatrists and Counsellors are appointed to tackle the menace of emotional stress.

Socio-Cultural Counselling

Extra Academic Activities holds equal importance for the freshmen to have a good physical and mental health. We aim to clearify any doubts regarding activities like NSS, NCC, Physical Education, Various Clubs & Festivals, so that they can make proper use of it.

Financial Counselling

For solving financial issues, e.g.: financial assistance for needy students, problems related to fee payment, scholarships, loans etc.